About Free Minds

Free Minds™ Clothing Co. was founded on two beliefs. One, being that what we wear is a representation of what is important to us. It is a very reflection of who we are. The other is the belief that nothing is impossible. Often times, people choose to divert from paths they cannot see an end result to, thus potentially preventing themselves from discovering their true calling. Free Minds advocates a culture of positivity, and encourages stepping outside the “box” of comfort and not conforming to the norms of society when searching for your true calling. We do not follow trends. We would much rather create a new trending way of thinking. We don't believe in following crowds, because it can prevent one from shining. To realize and live your dreams, you must free your mind.

Our Mission

To provide quality, affordable clothing that promote the idea of people being true to themselves, despite exogenous influences.

Our Promise

When you become a supporter of Free Minds, we promise to:

  • Treat you with unrelenting kindness and respect. You are the most important thing to our company, and we guarantee to treat you as such. You are worth more than just your receipt.
  • Strive to make you feel a part of a positive and welcoming community.
  • Strive to give you the most friendly and professional service as possible.
  • Strive to create long-term relationships with each of you.
  • Strive to create products that represent YOU!